A Little Bit of Everything

I'm thinking about a poem. about a city that I'm living in. streets, noise, morning steps and rushing breath of other people. Would that be necessary to keep it rhymes, or in flowing paragraphs?
I'm thinking about a gigantic parameter of towers. That keeps the city and people and sun in distant with each other, but still hype up romance in such an ugly way. If Dakota Skye's life filled with nothing but lies, well, mine are about to fill up with unmade promises. With warm feeling that fading, and with silly questions that trying to interfere in between.
I'm thinking about how much thought I could have if I sit and write alone. Like, when my mind rushing with words and this medium yellow light radiate through my bedroom wall.
I'm thinking about how nice my funny faces ukulele sound when I was strumming it. Although, I always been wanting a new guitar.
I'm thinking about all of those love songs that I admire and secretly would love to have someone play for me.…


Berdiri berdansa dalam jahitan japon* rumahan
sekali berdiri serentakan rencana tinggal teman lain berbicara dan berskandal dan tertawa malam larut tabur bunga dalam dentuman alunan dentang
malam semakin larut
Jadi ceritanya hari ini saya mengingat satu-dua cerita penggalan mengenai almarhumah nenek saya. Beliau yang telah pergi hampir 4 tahun yang lalu memang sosok yang suka bercerita tentang masa mudanya. Walaupun banyak lupa tentang hal yang terjadi beberapa jam yang lalu, lupa sudah makan atau belum, lupa saya ini cucu nya yang bernama siapa, oma tidak pernah melupakan cerita masa mudanya. Oma selalu berkata bercerita tentang waktu lampau sambil tertawa sampai terkikik. Matanya yang mulai berwarna mengabu terlihat berbinar berlapis tipis kaca air. Mungkin itu yang membuat hal pertama yang saya lakukan saat sampai dirumah adalah masuk ke kamar oma, berlutut atau duduk di tepi springbed nya dan bertanya 'Apa kabar Oma hari ini?' 'Oma ceritain lagi soal..' lalu beliau mulai…


Saya pernah dengar kalimat  'setiap penulis harus pernah setidaknya sekali menulis tentang hujan' yang artinya setiap orang harus mampu setidaknya sekali menulis tentang hujan.
Bulan- bulan ini musim hujan. tanah dan pohon terguyur basah sering kali, nah karena itu saya mau mulai. Saat ini waktu menunjukan pukul sembilan pagi, dan cuaca cerah. Karena terlalu cerah saya jadi rindu sama hujan. Bagus kan, menulis tentang sesuatu yang dirindukan, banyak 'kenapa' yang bisa diutarakan.
Menurut saya hujan itu dramatis. se- dramatis piring mahal yang tiba- tiba pecah berkeping- keping. Jadi setiap kejadian dramatis seharusnya di latar- belakangi dengan hujan. Jatuh cinta, patah hati, bukannya hal- hal seperti ini pantasnya di lengkapi dengan suara hujan? gerimis sejuk buat yang sedang jatuh cinta, dan sedikit deras dan gelap buat yang patah hati. Atau mungkin yang berpetir sekalian buat yang patah hatinya sampai niat bunuh diri. haha.
Yang paling lucu adalah setiap orang pada…


it's 2:31 AM in the morning when I'm all too full with thesis and missing writing a little too much. I will start telling you about the beginning of my day (strikes many trivial parts of course)
I was notice a new artwork painted at my campus interior wall just today. I can't took a photo because of students pool in front of it, but to give you a picture, There are clouds, sky, houses and city skyline. Painted with yellow and white colours. What I do notice it's actually the only word written at the middle of the wall art: Crossroads (all caps)
I sat while waiting for a friend, sat directly in front of the 3.5m x 4m artwork wall, when many nostalgia kicked in. I remembered my crossroad. Which I could say I had quite a few. I'm a thinking person. Sometimes I had many questioning thoughts at my head. Sometimes my thought calming me down or making me happy, but other times, they work the other way around. But at that artwork-starring moment, my thought em…

A letter to Dad at Father's Day. So Iconic.

So today is a father's day. I think it's a quarter hour left to write any dramatic piece about memories and any sadness left (like I used to do at times like these)(and Plath's Bell of Jar was my favorite) But I didn't caught in any downroad spiral anymore, so I wanted to write an easy letter for him tonight. A conversation any daughter and father could have between afternoon coffees or morning newspapers. * To my dear dear Father who greatly greatly miss, Dad, just today when I set up my 'nest' in grandma's room I drop my stuff a lot while trying to bring everything in my two hands, I remember you always remind me to bring things one by one. I just wash my hair too, it's already grow long now, like you'll always love. it's wet and I put a small towel behind, and also I remember you dryed my hair and put a towel behind so the water didn't soaked at the back of my cloth. This and that are little things I'm still doing upon every remembran…

At Once (Ice cream & Songlist Altogether)

There are view things you'll be like at first attempt you know them. Your first cocoa Ice cream, your first listen to an album, your first ukulele strum and etc. I remember my trip by train almost half a year ago which brought me into liked my window view at first time I saw them.

There are view things I loved at the first hit and here are the list of songs I loved at first hear, maybe you'll too or not, but still, Enjoy

* * Listen at Rdio

Film Film

I process my film roll weeks ago, that was my first time did it, so the result kind of surprised me. They didn't came out good enough but I really love the feeling of taking picture with analog and follow all the process to enable you to see the photo result. I like all those waiting it intriguate. But maybe I'm just the kind of person who like vintage things. I like records, listen musics from cd play from heavy boombox, old thick sweater, really old movies and etc.

These photo taken while I went to an architecture exhibition at Kota Tua, Jakarta. All too grey in my opinion.
These two taken at night around BSD area (Jakarta suburb). The first bridge photo didn't came out too dark, but the other four photos in the roll came out just show light leaks like the second picture, and I don't know why. 

I use pentax espio 140 v, it's silver, can zoom 3x and really cute. I'm still looking for a new roll and wanted to capture things again. Enough about analog camera, t…