Last night, some bad insomnia happened to me, After watch a movie with my Grandma at 3.00 o'clock, I felt not sleepy at all. Actually I often chat until mid-night with my Grandma, because we both have same problem to sleep early at the suppose time. and suddenly, I saw that pretty smile from her. just so you know, my Grandma is a moody one, She's not always smile like this. I've been told about most of grandparents habits, they usually forget names and things, they moody (sometimes laugh and make a joke but the at other times, didn't wan't to talk about anything).
and I think I'm the lucky one that night, to see my Grandma pretty little smile, so I captured it :)

We took picture together, talked about her favorite dance and sport while she was young and etcetera. After she feel sleepy, and started to cloe her eyes, I put a blanket for her and then go to my own room. I tweet unimportant things (mobile way) and read others tweet to make me sleepy but I don't know if that will work or not. I wish I knew other things to do.
Finally, I slept at 5.00 o'clock
well that's it,
tell something about your recent insomnia guys!
I have to go now. See you around :)


  1. Right now.. I'm in the middle of it.. (damnit)
    But I wanna share something quite similar to u..
    Yesterday, I dragged my mom with me into the unfortunate world of insomnia (halah!)
    Well, we talked alot till 6 am! O_O!
    That's... horrible.. but fun nonetheless.. XD
    But, seriously.. I need to get over it.. ASAP!

  2. that wasn't horrible!quite sweet i think ;)
    i always wish have someone to chat without make me as a last to sleep.soo did you both take some pictures too? ;D


thank you ☺