its good to be here

i know life is sucks, and we can spend all day complaining our life. whining about what we supposed to do and what we supposed to be. i feel it too. but you know, the feeling when you try to find at least one things that make you happy instead of all sad problem that you always stand at.
well, i found a little lot at mine.
it's good to be born into world. when i was the one who made others smiling while i'm crying
it's good to have name that given with heartfull of love and hope from my parents.
it's good to have an ordinary family.
it's good to see beautiful world, air water ground sun moon cloud all these magic free things gift to me.
it's good to know that i'm not the only one who struggle my life, everyone did.
it's good to know that there're a view of people save from Bali bombing
it's good to know that there're a view of people save from tsunami disaster
at least there're afterlifes and i believe these people will reincarnation to a better character.
it's good to know that there's God and i believe in God.
it's good to falling in love
it's good to know that i have dream and still trying to reach them
it's good to have a beautiful hair
it's good to laugh after look my stupid thick eyebrow at the mirror
it's good to be hurt and cry and it only make you stronger
it's good to have friends, or friend
it's good to be overdramatic and soon realize that i was overdramatic
and maybe change.
it's good to see great movies, hear good musics, read great books
it's good to be stupid and soon realize how stupid i am
and maybe change.
well i still know that life is sucks but
it's good to be alive. it's good to be here.


  1. Ayrine, thanks for dropping by to my blog. Your blog is awesome :)

  2. thanks annisa!yours is amazing ;)

  3. Following and linked your blog, ayrine :) Nice to know u.


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