Sleep Maps - Fiction Makes The Future

if you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know how big of outer space fan i am. meteorid, stars, planets, constellation, galaxies, the way of these celestial bodies exist and works were mesmerized my mind for quite a long time. and be a astronomer will always be my little secret dream hehe.
I got the 'outer' feel when i'm listen to this brand new mini album by Sleep Maps. an instrumental music that brings me feeling relax and awkward at the same time within their 40 minutes.
Including five tracks:
1. Men Against The Stars
2. The Eternal Wanderer
3. Forbidden Light
4. A Greater Fire
5. Last Future
. . .
The album is a fully formed barrage of guitars from start to finish and songs often end in a completely different place to where they began. For the listener it provides you the opportunity to attach the songs to you’re own emotions, and in this way ‘Fiction Makes The Future’ is a very personal album that you can make as deep or shallow as you want it to be - via
. . .
The record finished with “Last Future”, a hugely optimistic end to an almost bleak sounding 40 minutes, but it truly does leave you wanting more. You feel that Ben Kaplan has made this record to make sense of the worlds unstable future, and despite the hugeness of this concept the music compliments it fantastically. For those who would think that a purely instrumental noise experiment might be a morbid listen I direct you to the sound bite on ‘The Eternal Wanderer’, “Is this depressing? I don’t see why it should be. ‘Fiction Makes The Future’ is a hugely compelling debut album.- via

listen here if you got any problem :)

feel so real

i have no idea how many times i've watch this video with my father.
i'm sitting here now in my room, just meet him in my dream. he stand in front of me here at our house,
using his ordinary outfit and we talk.
God, i have no idea.
how much.
i miss
glad to meet you at dream, pap
just stay where you are now, stay happy.
will always miss you.
and also, i can't stop loving you


(Meaning)An unrealistic hope or fantasy.
(Origin)The allusion is to the dreams experienced by smokers of opium pipes. Opiates were widely used by the English literati in the 18th and 19th centuries. Samuel Taylor Coleridge was one of the best known users, and it would be difficult to claim that the imagery in surreal works like Kubla Khan owned nothing to opium. Lewis Carroll, although not known to be an opium user himself, makes clear allusions to drug use in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has his hero Sherlock Holmes visit an opium den - although that was for research rather than consumption. -source
i'm a big fan of fantasy. irrational things that free you to set your own scenario. first chapter until the very hanging end. i often place in the situation of discussing some issue and find myself talk about the absurd opinion which makes everybody else give that strange speechless look. i watch movie and while my mind slowly drowning into the story, the other side of my mind start to create the different version. like the different end and what if the actor didn't say that and what the story gonna be and stuffs like that. but don't think that i've make up into the other story because the origin isn't good and my mind try to make it better. the fact is the story was really good that i can make the fantasy version. the unrealist one.
i dream about the end of the earth but not the end of human history as an impact, not also human move into the -there're some possibilities to live- different planet like mars or jupiter. not the earth are demolishing itself like 2012 movie, it simply because our earth get smaller smaller and smaller every second and we, human without even realise it, start to pop out into the galaxy, floating around feeling free after loss the gravity, wandering for finding our own star to start over life. All the sparkling version of mine.
it drive me crazy how my mind work in a quirky way, change things into a whole lot differents.
it almost funny really.

by Joel Robinson

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me" - Lewis Carroll