It's been sooo long! you know, task and college always keep me away from blogging. I'm thinking to write something, so here I am, thinking about sentence to begin with.
The news is I got to design an orphanage as this semester task. The good news is my cousin planned to celebrate her seventeen birthday at an orphanage so she invited me and  I got a chance to take a look, to chat and learn. It was amazing. Both the party and the place. Also the people, specially the kids. I got a little goosebumps when thinking how life can be that difficult and complicate for some people. When they forced to think about life at the very young age. How six years old kid can be so mature and well speaking. These kids background stories probably like something you usually read on some of Dicken's novels or 70's black and white movies about life and reality.

That was Andrew, a little boy that I said earlier (6 years old, mature and well speaking) I was thinking a lot about this little boy. We chat and talked about many things. He held my hand and not allowed me to go home. He also wanted to go with me to stay two or three days in my house. It was rarely sweet and blurry my vision for a brief moment.

This is Amus, the attractive one. just look at the oversize jeans isn't he cute?

That was a really nice afternoon.
PS. Happy Birthday Zella!