Late for morning class

did you ever had a sleep full of different dreams?
I just did and every time it happens, I woke up late. heavy head and hardly open my eyes, with some visual stuck in my head. that how that kind of dreams work to me. So here I am, trying to find an excuse for my absent.
That was one evening, when I'm in the middle of a worship with some people I don't even know, in my house. sudden think, I need shoes. so I left the group and walking around the complex to find a place to buy shoes. but at last I just stand in front of my house, bring some snack in a plastic bag arguing if I could come in bringing food or not. From other direction, a girl with her whole family, came into me, she just look at my face, but I can hear her voice
'what are you doing? you can come into your house, but, me? can I come in to your house?' I can't remember her face, but she wear red blouse with patterned scarf around her neck, browned skin.
I said yes we can.
so we come in together to the people who still doing their worship. we sit separately.
after that, two or three people from my chair, my uncle show up, smile and pointed to his foot, there were three boxes of shoes.
'they all yours' he said. excitedly nodded.
I was sat on the train, enjoying the great view outside, when suddenly, two seats from mine, my friends showed up. she smile and waving, I reply by calling her name 'movi!' a real name. a highschool friend of mine. but she was actually the curly mita, my close friend at grade 5 primary school. but I just called her with a different name out of the blue.
I think I got two or three other dreams, but seems like I can only recall those two.
this was the most random things I ever posted. haha. but i like it. is like we were the main cast of a movie. the movie or i can say the world where everything is make sense. even the most peculiar one. something like that.
are you a person who have the ability to read the meaning behind dreams?
tell me.

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