How life in 10 years later?

how my life in 10 years later? when I'm umm about thirty years old. did I success to reach my dream? (as if I have one) or married to the so-called love of my life? or maybe still single? Am I living the peaceful life or the hectic one? or maybe, am I living until thirty or got a killed accident by my twenty-nine? Am I ever forgive myself for certain mistake I did in my past? Am I living a regretful live as I just siting by window wondering what I was and wasn't supposed to do? Am I still live in my old childhood house or got myself an apartment far away from hometown, or maybe a loft and three roommates just like Jessica day? Am I still here in my country or not? Who will be there with me until the end? are they my close families? or some of my good friends? or maybe someone who I haven't met yet?
Maybe tomorrow or two days from now, on my way to the bookstore I will bump into a stranger that actually fate with me? just like girls in novel do.
or maybe I choose to suicide at my late twenties because of some bold reason? or just because I'm feeling so dumb? Am I a good architect? like my collegy head always wanted to? Have I seen some of my dream concert? Am I still this healthy? (if you weren't count some of dirty habits as an unhealthy things) Are some of my favorite musician and book author finally met his dye date? or are they still do music? Am I still in my believe? or finally bunch of feeling-right idealism got into me? or maybe I become an atheist just because life is simply too bitter and I turning into a cold heart?
a bit of that and this questions.
still need to living now so I can check or uncheck future things.
but really what can I do?
I'm not the type of 'living at the moment' person