A Need

     TO BE MORE reflect from happy quote than the sad oneThe sad one are like 'I can't stop running from myself' 'I hate world and people make me sick' or ' I'm scared' or the other dreadful one. I was always those kind of people. Like, I remember every sentence in song lyric which make me sad rather than words that make me happy. I'm enjoying myself being down in regret and feeling wrong. I can say I enjoy being sad. It always bizarre the things out of me to read encouraging words about self-respect and happy world. like 'you are beautiful' 'you can move on with your life' 'don't let sadness tear you down' 'everyone is gifted some open it sooner' and so on. They like a fake colourful lollypop I won't taste a bit, because they really as plain as they suppose.
     I don't mind being alone and I hate unicorn.
     but the unicorn still came, though.
Recently, I find myself started to realize that being deep and all irony didn't make me better than anyone at any level. it didn't make me right and they're wrong. I'm not understanding life better just because I'm a realist. I've known and friends with people who really are happy with less complicated mind. They act and write just like the way they speak, cry while watching romantic movie and always got my back despite how many times I shut them down. They slowly make me think that happy and simple and nice people are really exist. It unconsciously force me to begin see life from their perspective and it surprise me enough not to gross out from the sweets, but actually like it.
     I'm not coming with conclusion even more a change. not yet.
     I still can't love unicorn but I think I'm less hating it now.

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