Sweet and memories

I remember this particular brand of chocolate was the first and last chocolate from my father. Received it times ago back when I was a child. Even if I bought for myself today, it still achingly heartwarming. Bring back the exact excited old feel of mine.
So, today is the great day.
Like, the greatest of all.
I finished final exam without any burden, went home by train, falling asleep in the middle of trip and woke up just in time it reach my destination. I ate pretty delicious food for late lunch, bought a chocolate for dessert. I've already finish all tasks for this compact semester which means I get to do that lazily-laying-on-bed-and-reading-a-novel thing. Quickly surfed internet just to watch this new release video I've been waiting for a while before took a bath and went out. Now here I am in the mood for journaling my pretty perfect day. uhm, actually I got home a little late for dinner and all the foods are already in the refrigerator. Since I really hate cold food (even when it already heated) I'm starving by the time I write this.. still a great day though.

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