Astronaut got the best view

Have you watched the movie Gravity? what do you think about it? I have this crush on space and anything related with galaxy and outer universe so, I could say that I love this movie. I was pretty much drunk by the sight of the black area with stars and the round edge of blue-green earth as a background.
     it was beautiful.
The plot is pretty simple. In fact there are only two living cast for the whole movie, angling the character Ryan Stone with technically her partner, Matt, floating around without gravity trying to survive themselves through the spacewalk incident. Going trough what they called 'blind' to go back to the earth.
well, this got me thinking that earth is kinda easy.
at least we got o2 enough for thinking.


IT'S RAINING outside and the air is chill when I stepped out of my doorway. I just can't sleep without the AC on no matter how cold the night is. Close to the regular tendency of people who needs the light off when they sleep. I'm stuck with familiarity and even if there are somethings that drew me bore, there are also some of the things I need them to stay just the same. They stay the same and it already enough for me. More than enough. I hate to say that I was feeling this whole habit with someone. a person. I mean how bad is that, to settled your feeling for the thing with the highest possibilities to change. People changed and never stay the same, right? so it's pretty wrong to believe someone will stay with you until the very end. It doesn't matter how much time you spent together or how many things you got in common.
it never mattered.


NOW. The old fan I use to cooling my laptop started to get too noisy I had to turn it off. This machine will be real hot in an hour or so and I need to write this quicker.
I have just watched cnblue zepp tour live concert video and it left me with so many feels. By the way, I came to their concert at Jakarta last week and write a little note about it here
     yesterday, saturday. I've had a bad throat condition.
I've met a view new people and one of them are the really irritating type of person.
I know I will get myself into trouble when I decided to be the responsible one. know that I will regret it later, but still do it though. stupid me.
     two days before, I've missed someone and wished if only things didn't go this way. This whole new situation. I hate it.
     thursday. day off! borrowed some books
back to now. I'm starting to bore over this layout, and thought I need a change. Me and my changing layout sickness (some of you may already know)
But I need to take a shower and do some stupid tasks first.
     see you later.

An Angle

I’d prefer to have someone wait for me in the rain rather than someone constantly bring flower and spilled -I love yous. Someone simply hold and be there rather than someone ask too many questions. Comfortable silents and low whisper of names. Someone write songs about rainbows and butterflies rather than possess song with -i’d die if you’re not mine, in every sentences.

Mother, have you seen your laughter
Fall into the arms of angels
Mother if you see me I’m alright.
Range of clouds on sunny weather rise onto
the breeze of meadow.
Mother did you help God paint the sky?
There aren’t that three letter words yet I feel the romantics of it. Fond and light and warm are all I feel while swallow every bit of this new album from Adhitia Sofyan, ‘How to stop time’. I love the way the lyrics speak in an almost subtle way about love itself.
I always hope I can have it in me, the ability to write such simple and honest words and compose them into beautiful melodies. God. I adore those people.
or at least to find such simple person to be together with.
people are so complicated these days.

Midnight Stuff

What would you like for passing the night? mine are good stories and good music and ehm good snack. Thank Adhitia Sofyan for good music and cup noodles for good snack. I've been feeling down lately until I got the other bereavement news and realize how simple matter I've been coping with. There're much more worst cases out there it make me thanking God for what I am now.
Still, life is so sad recently.


IT'S ALREADY a second week of new semester and it flew fine. Although I've been in a silent mode with my brother so there are no -please-pick-me-up-at-station text anymore. I ended up with the public rides and all the walking to home, not to mention a full 6 in 7 schedule. I'm feeling so tired it aching my ankle and shins. Stupid brother.
I'm in a whiny bitch condition now, so it's better to just end this post here.

PS. need to play guitar to get it off and I think this song is pretty nice.