NOW. The old fan I use to cooling my laptop started to get too noisy I had to turn it off. This machine will be real hot in an hour or so and I need to write this quicker.
I have just watched cnblue zepp tour live concert video and it left me with so many feels. By the way, I came to their concert at Jakarta last week and write a little note about it here
     yesterday, saturday. I've had a bad throat condition.
I've met a view new people and one of them are the really irritating type of person.
I know I will get myself into trouble when I decided to be the responsible one. know that I will regret it later, but still do it though. stupid me.
     two days before, I've missed someone and wished if only things didn't go this way. This whole new situation. I hate it.
     thursday. day off! borrowed some books
back to now. I'm starting to bore over this layout, and thought I need a change. Me and my changing layout sickness (some of you may already know)
But I need to take a shower and do some stupid tasks first.
     see you later.

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