HOME IS ALL I could think the time I hear the word Christmas. When the right time to set the tree? is living room still the best position to put them? What's great for Christmas eve dinner? are presents necessary? 
My december will always revolve around home and eventually family. I know for a fact that this Christmas will be another Christmas without my dad and grandma. The third for my dad and second for the latter (geez ayrine, counting much?) 
My december will always revolve around home, family, and eventually a sad heart twist. Because there aren't too delicious cakes can replace a particular heartwarming chuckle, or some classy christmas jingles can replace an exchange smiles and sharing laughter. I'd like to talk the sadness away with my mom or my brother but its pretty embarrassing to admit that I wouldn't be able to talk to anyone without shed some tears. 
So I choose to write it instead. That's all I'm better at.
What you'll be doing this Christmas? fireworks party? family Reunion? long walk at the bridge with your lover? or just stay at home enjoy some pretzels and tv shows?
I'll just spend my time, missing. 
like, lot of times.

the weather is so hot I can see the sunlight ripped
through the thick windows. I miss the rain.

I hate you like I hate the word selfie and the font comic sans.


gather all the words, confuse people.

you have to find the right distance between people.
too close, and they overwhelm you, too far and they abandon you.
- Hanif Kureishi


I miss you so much I could kill a giant black furry bear just by staring at it.
But because there are no big black furry bears around, I'm off to bed
and try to kiss you in my sleep instead.
- Wasted Rita


all of your flaws and all of my flaws are laid out one by one.
look at the wonderful mess that we made, we pick ourselves undone.
- flaws by Bastille

I don't know a perfect person. I only know flawed people who are still worth loving.
- John Green


I never imagined you would settle with someone so ordinary
when I thought you were extraordinary. But that was probably
the typical thought for someone in love.

You know the feeling when you put an earphone before set
the volume and the song start too loud and sharp into your ear your eyes
closed in a brief moment. But still listening anyway. that’s exactly
what I feel for you. You're so annoying it cut my ear,
but I'm still stay beside you anyway

keywords: opposite, people, miss, flaws, and you

Current Mood

it’s been raining all day long and the air become kind of sappy. I’ve been doing my task this whole day and need to take a break to write some paragraph I don’t know, for relax a bit maybe? I’ve read so many different stories this weeks and there are some passages here and there in my system that keep pop up suddenly and make me want to read the story again.
     Did you ever been in this kind of situation? When there are some part of the story you have read come and come again to your mind, you can’t help but to read the story all over again.
I just hope I got all time in the world.
Here are some facts about my week:
First, I drew a little bruise on my right knees when I accidentally fell off the stair by my campus cafeteria. The hurt of it was nothing compare to the humiliated laugh my friends gave. They’re pure evil. Ugh. I keep thinking what the hell happen to me recently. I got fall and or drop things from my hold an awful lot. My phone, mouse and tv remote are some of the silent victims.
Second, I just got a fail haircut in addition to the hellness of the week. I’m an instant haircut taker just so you know. I wake up from my nap, finger combing my hair in front of the mirror, and just go with ‘hey I think I need a new haircut’ and do it immediately. Mostly lead me to what-have-I-done- result but do it again months or year later. My brain is malfunctioning now I know.
Third, all. ALL my task for ALL this semester subjects are deadline within these six days.
Fourth, I can’t stop bitting my fingertips
Fifth, I got new strings attached for my guitar and really hate the lack of the tightness and the need to standard E tuning them all over again.
Sixth, um where the fun part where the fun part?
Sucks. There isn’t any fun part this week.
I gotta go. Stay at home guys, stay safe.