SOMETIMES, I dream about the most better thing that could happen in my life. Everything I wish could be happen or everything I miss, or for more exact, everyone I miss. Is that crazy to say, that someone who had gone is actually never really go because they live in my dreams? not everyday and every dreams, but they do. And it's crazy to say that I could feel their existence real, almost like it wasn't a dream. Almost like this now, is a dream. and sometimes, almost like they never go in the first place, and I just dream about people in my house that I will see them when I'm awake.
because I was never a lucid dreamer
I didn't know it wasn't real when I'm in it. and when I'm awake all I could think of is how much I wanted to stay because that would be a very beautiful chance. The probability to hear and see. The idea of always being together. Other days, same dreams. It's been three or more days in a row that my dreams taken at real places, real houses and rooms. The faces I've wanting to see and faces that actually exist, new scheme, different interesting scenarios. They didn't appear random and plot jumping, but surprisingly ordinary they kick the question mark out of my mind. Even if I was feeling a lot more groggy than necessary every time I woke up, I'm feeling happy more than ever.
About real and unreal and the in-between. What if there is someone who told you they wanted a distance, apparently seven hours train trip wasn't an enough distance. Apparently want both physics and mentally. We can elaborate that people in dreams are much more better. They didn't ask for distances at least.
but they didn't real the truth whispered.
and she doesn't know

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