A Glimpse

I was at home, at night, after 2 hours long drive from a funeral when I was thinking about all of these.
I have a cousin who has a father who just died four days ago. Alone in the room at the ship. I met him in person but we rarely chat or talk even, he almost just an acquaintances. Therefore I shouldn't bee too sad or anything right? but no I guess I'm wrong. I'm straight wrong to think that we have to be close with someone to feel sad when they're gone. A sadness, apparently, are contagious. Just like laughter and sometimes, happiness.
When I was in a funeral, at my house, I admittedly, goes to think like 'why are you and you people so sad and cry like an ugly baby, you're not even see him since years ago' or 'oh come on he's my father, not yours' or 'Okay so, who are you? I swear I didn't know you'
But maybe a saying that say we can never know a person completely, no matter how many years or decade we've spent together are merely right. You know the theory A B C friendship, A close to B and C is B's friend but that doesn't mean C and A are also close. When I was sure I'm so close with B but then I didn't know B has such friend like C until I met C in B's funeral. Sad. Sad to think that we can't ever know entirely about a person, no matter how much we love them. There will be always some things and people and stories, remain mysterious.
We came bring our each glimpse of that person who gone and we cried. We cry about any memories we have with them, smallest one even. and we can't called any memories are stronger and weaker than the others, because then again, we didn't know a person completely. I can be someone's daughter but I didn't know all of his wraths or flaws like his bestfriends did.
Like, we can be a daughter from someone who had drift a ship, love him and be proud of him. but to understand a real fight from a captain who died at the ship as well as his crew would have known? well, another stories.
Some sadness are contagious, some other, well, blame it to every strories untold.