Some of The Best Moments in Life are The Ones You Can't Tell Anyone About

A very annoying fact.

But I've had all the better moments that could be a complimentary. Weeks ago there are this biennale exhibition held in National Gallery of Jakarta. A ceramic based biennale which include many local and international artist.There are this situation too where The principal architect from where I've been working at is one of those said artist. We have this team. There are seven of us and we had a good time. Arranging and building the instalation which turn out to be the biggest instalation at the place.

Clay is the main material for ceramic. The concept is to show how much energy and nature source wasted for the whole turning clay into something beautiful process. For example, to get you nine thousand fine bricks you need to heat and burn the clay-block that will cost you tons of timber and high air pollution as the result. So we choose nine thousand raw brick instead (unheat and unburned)
They build revolve around T-shape wall as the metaphor of earth, environment and city scale. 
We put a mound of dust and charcoal at different corner off T wall to represent pollution results of the burning process and also as the metaphor of dirty waste and sick environment. How poetic. 
(don't mind the last sentence that's just from me)

Here are some instalation from other artists:

They look a little creepy. Some had a deep meaning behind their shape and some other are just outer beauty. There are this really interesting instalation from a young Indonesian artist called 'Ephemeral'. Ephemeral is a naked woman sculpture place inside a clear glass box. At the opening day of the exhibition, the box will fill up with water and this woman sculpture will gradually melt and vanish into the water at approximately 30 minutes. The artist wanted to represent human and lifes. Nothing immortal. No matter how beautiful a person is they are just human. Ephemeral; lasting in a very short time. (sadly I couldn't took a picture because it locate at the dark corner of the building)
At the other building, there are also household ceramic product which you can purchase right at the place. There are this very funny breast-shape ceramic bowl and some delicate and colourful vases.

But The better moments aren't those picture above. The better moments are actually late night playlists while working, late dinner chat and jokes, sunday work, bad green tea taste and discounted bread from convinience store nearby, trouble and problem, trouble and problem solved, and how we learned a good teamwork and other character and silly habbits.

Did I said that we had a good time? Yes we had.


I'm kinda miss my grandma tonight. I'm just going through my old folders which contain many old photos and there is this photograph of her one or two years before she attacked by stroke for the unfortunately third time. It's quite hurt when you need to let go to someone while they're sleep in a coma. You could never say goodbye. I could never say how much I love our time together, how much I long to her smile every night I sat on the floor beside her bed took every word she hardly spoke. How much I will miss her and how much I wanted to take her pain away.
There is always a reason to be gloom and to be gloom is to refresh old memories.
Today is a different day. bold sunlight, a little too hot in the morning but warm at night. too dusty. Different friends, different place, different way of car drive.
But still. old days made you sad like a broken carousel,

Trapeze Swinger

I wonder where all brave hearts go
the honest with mistake and wrath
with happiness and never a phony
with heart so brave
with flowers and calming wave
with cassete of a show
a show telling how far you can go
how long you can linger
walking playing on a trapeze swinger

I wonder where all the honest heart go
a soul with truth
a person not very complicated
who write song and sing it randomly on a wedding day
who talks about ocean and its calming wave
talked about dolphin and they calming bay

I wonder where all the place someone could cry missing
they dissapear in a blink
and while the somber ocean make you sinking
and drug you low

I wonder where to saw

{listening to Iron and wine,
  while feeling so silly}