JKT / Chinatown

I remember strolling around Glodok, Asemka, Beos, and Pasar Pagi as parts of Jakarta Chinatown a month ago. This could be my happiest site- surveying ever. People are friendly and all smiley despite this town tough daily life.
For one of the oldest trading and economic center area, people live in broken and poor situation are an obvious contradiction. If I can say view words to describe this area, I would choose, organic, multicultural, claustrophobic and above all, warmest part of the city. Shoutout to every kind people I made acquaintance, to every people struggling and smiling for better days they've been wanting to see.

for never give up hope.

March - 2015

(golden hour)

Last weekend vacation trip,
I went places and took scenery pictures.
I drank coffee and see you again.
Last weekend vacation trip,
I went places and took scenery pictures.
I gained new friends who like to sing a song.

I don't know but I guess that was a song about pigs?

The Good From J

I listen all type of music basically, and like any different type of genre and all.
There are some few genre that I really like and they appear so unique for me. I wanted to line up my favorite Japanese bands in this post. Some of them are really talented, I promise you.
first, Toe. people would think I love Toe because their pretty guitar melodic, and yes that's also true but the main part is I love their drum note. They have this ghostly and dreamy and such great drum beat. For instance, this one metronome song, I like it's pretty melody intro, but when the drum fill in, it killed.

this one is my favorite too

They're also amazing at live performance.
Second, Kenichi Fumoto, a singer songwriter. I first listen to his song, バリケード(Barricade) and like it right away.

It was hideously dificult to find his full album, but lucky for me, I found his first shoegaze album, called 美化 (Bika). This one is my favorite, titled 17 in english

And next, I have Shugo Tokumaru, a singer songwriter too. His folk and experimental music had this bright and calm and sometimes spectacular ambients, I can relate to his songs, when I'm happy. This one take away video is my most favorite.
I once learn how to play it (and failed) with little ability of japanese languange, this one is airy and pretty.

I prefer to watch his live videos, he's kind of amazing.

There are one or two more japanese musicians and band that I like such as, Depapepe, Four Get Me Notes and World Order. In fact, I never intended to explore any genre or any music from particular country, and just accidentally hear it somewhere and happened to like them. Music itself can never be shelved by categories. I like them all. Let me know if you have any recommendation or different favorites or else. I'd love to hear.

Not a Bilbao Effect; A Babel Effect

Talking about architecture nowadays from the perspective of an undergraduate college girl who happens to had read some of the books about contemporary architecture. Contemporer architecture itself had long lists down to the meaning but we can safely call it broadly as an architecture of the present day. I'm surfing on the internet, strolling around libraries and bookstore for collect data for my final task. I was taking a look at built and or conceptual building nowadays and subjectively think they're sort of had a Babel Effect in them.

If there are some of you who didn't know yet, let me begin with the Babel history. Babel was a group of people who had just free from slavery and decided to settle in the land where they stand. They wanted to build a tower so high it touch the sky, so high it meet their creator, God. They wanted to build a highest tower ever made by the mankind. They picture as a united and smart civilization but unfortunately arrogant. Long story short, in the middle of the tower construction, God who already seen how conceit the Babel people are mess up their language to the point they couldn't communicate well at all. Suddenly they spoke in different languages. When a man gave the other man a sack of sand when the latter asked for a sack of cement, they realized that the Babel tower project can no longer be continued. Furthermore, they stopped at the failing and miss communication stillness in them and started to go their own way. Their own different way to different corners of the earth and history has it, that was the beginning of different languages human had around the world.

Taking a reflection from the story, I started to feel that the propensity of nowadays architecture are they are made by the ego of the architect. What the architect wants. Based on what we wanted the community to be, an organization to active in, a social develop into and the building shape out of. We spend a little time analyze the impact society honestly want through our project. And how many society had broken by architecture? by something we create through demolish something we didn't like.

"The ambiguous, promiscuous, violent relation one has with architecture works a tortured admission: the seal releases by sealing: the sign effaces by designing. The signature of architecture expropriates - can no longer be thought of as being in term of presence. Architecture as no longer/as no/longer not. Beautiful Architecture Without Beauty"

- Daniel Libeskind, Countersign 1991
Beautiful architecture without beauty.