Currently working full days and weeks. I miss my blog,
There are so many things here and there to write,
Many new character to introduce,
I'll get back later for sure.


- I remember waiting while counting cars and making a list.

Micro updates in life when you got nothing decent to write. Here I go first,

These bangs I cut by myself start to annoy my eyes.
I bite my fingertips way too much one of these days.
I supposed to teach mathematic but ended up drawing my student a comic she asked and playing guitar while she sang a song.
and I just got paid today and I'm feeling the guilt build up inside me.
Life was pretty useless recently I need to find me a new job.
I just downloaded two of not-so-good albums.
I consumed instant coffee a little too much recently
Rain hard and lightning hard! I can't go anywhere.
I need to return this library's book so I can borrow another two I've been wanting to read
Pray for me for tomorrow's weather
Oh dear God, tomorrow's good friday I almost forgot..
Okay so pray for monday's weather instead.
I had new plan with new group of friends this saturday, hopes everthing went well.
My brother's friend contacted me for a project yesterday {hopes everything went well again}
and etc.