In the room, Afternoon.

She dwelt among the untrodden ways
Beside the springs of Dove,
A maid whom there were none to praise
And very few to love.
Yes I just open this post with a poem to get a bit dramatic. Unless I'm really isn't at dramatic mood at all, and those poem doesn't even mine. High five. Ugh. Sorry I watched a bit too much comedy series these whole unemployed weeks. I'm trying to joking up there. And I knew I failed. So okay, it's been so long since last time I blog and life's pretty amazing lately. Yesterday I just got myself into this new church community and whole new friends which is really fun. Honestly, more of that, I'm feeling blessed. God had been so amazing. Life was pretty sad and I was a little lost few months ago between what this called hormone and feelings. I have this friend who always, I don't know, have a faith in me. Like how many times I said no and bring her down, she always just there believe I would find an answer. I'm still in this process of getting step back, I knew I will taking it a bit slowly but I know I'm not turning back.
Final thesis is around the corner. It will start second week at september, I believe this time, all will went well. I need to face things more mature and I have to use my time really well. I know it's just about time I got my bachelor degree. I can't wait to get into real world, working, be an architect try every possibilities there. Because working before graduate is actually not the favorite choice of mine. My last undergraduate job is not the intern kind and my Bosses offer me a long-term work to begin a new continuous project but I can't take it since I need to finish my degree first or else I can't do both fully, working and doing thesis.
Life is about making choices, well being mature also is. There is this saying that said 'You are what you think' All is in mind. I wanted to be a person with a positive mind and voilĂ ! I will be the person. I can be the person. I wanted to have faith. in God. in 'everythings going to be alright' in 'forgive to forget' in not so mysterious ways you can choose about how to live your life.
A violet by a mossy stone
Half hidden from the eye!
-Fair as star, when only one
is shining in the sky
A poem by William Wordsworth. One of the romantic poet of his era. Life is about being romantic to yourself. Writing romantic story, give cheap present to someone who loves you but you can't love back. To someone who wait for you, to someone you deeply love and hurt you. Singing a romantic song about loss and stars in the sky, about feelings. Play your guitar with feelings! picking strumming, your voice doesn't matter. Life is as easy and simple and as romantic and positive.
I wanted life like that.