At Once (Ice cream & Songlist Altogether)

There are view things you'll be like at first attempt you know them. Your first cocoa Ice cream, your first listen to an album, your first ukulele strum and etc. I remember my trip by train almost half a year ago which brought me into liked my window view at first time I saw them.

There are view things I loved at the first hit and here are the list of songs I loved at first hear, maybe you'll too or not, but still, Enjoy

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Film Film

I process my film roll weeks ago, that was my first time did it, so the result kind of surprised me. They didn't came out good enough but I really love the feeling of taking picture with analog and follow all the process to enable you to see the photo result. I like all those waiting it intriguate. But maybe I'm just the kind of person who like vintage things. I like records, listen musics from cd play from heavy boombox, old thick sweater, really old movies and etc.

These photo taken while I went to an architecture exhibition at Kota Tua, Jakarta. All too grey in my opinion.

These two taken at night around BSD area (Jakarta suburb). The first bridge photo didn't came out too dark, but the other four photos in the roll came out just show light leaks like the second picture, and I don't know why. 

I use pentax espio 140 v, it's silver, can zoom 3x and really cute. I'm still looking for a new roll and wanted to capture things again. Enough about analog camera, the other news is I'm just starting my thesis, finally. Last semester my campus system canceled my final project altogether because one and two requirement I can't fullfilled. but now all is going pretty well and I'm already in the middle of my paper.
What anything left to say? Life's been great recently :)
ps. if you know place that sell roll fill around south or west jakarta, tell me.