A letter to Dad at Father's Day. So Iconic.

So today is a father's day. I think it's a quarter hour left to write any dramatic piece about memories and any sadness left (like I used to do at times like these)(and Plath's Bell of Jar was my favorite) But I didn't caught in any downroad spiral anymore, so I wanted to write an easy letter for him tonight.
A conversation any daughter and father could have between afternoon coffees or morning newspapers.
To my dear dear Father who greatly greatly miss,
Dad, just today when I set up my 'nest' in grandma's room I drop my stuff a lot while trying to bring everything in my two hands, I remember you always remind me to bring things one by one. I just wash my hair too, it's already grow long now, like you'll always love. it's wet and I put a small towel behind, and also I remember you dryed my hair and put a towel behind so the water didn't soaked at the back of my cloth. This and that are little things I'm still doing upon every remembrance of you. And Dad, if only you know what my thesis is all about you will be pleased! we can sit all night talking about it. jump to my professor, I think he's hate me but it strange my grade is remain good. Dad I'm sorry I'm wrong about Nicole Kidman, you're right all along! that's a different woman named Rachel Weisz. Dad I've skimmed your books and old magazine last week, I choose my favorite, can I take them to my room? Dad, I found your photographs. it picture you and your acoustic guitar, white t-shirt and blue jeans at this kind of church event. Dad I didn't realize you are that good I wish I could learn much more than I had from you! my favorite acoustic play is Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven. it had this calming melody and I mean every lyric for you each time I play it.
Dad, I'm feeling blessed and so so happy one of these days, I knew you're too now in heaven. It's not a typical afternoon talks and those are never all things I wanted to talk about. But let's leave this conversation hanging like we have any time in the world.
But I know we had.
Happy Father's day, Dad.
God, I miss you.

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