it's 2:31 AM in the morning when I'm all too full with thesis and missing writing a little too much. I will start telling you about the beginning of my day (strikes many trivial parts of course)

I was notice a new artwork painted at my campus interior wall just today. I can't took a photo because of students pool in front of it, but to give you a picture, There are clouds, sky, houses and city skyline. Painted with yellow and white colours. What I do notice it's actually the only word written at the middle of the wall art: Crossroads (all caps)

I sat while waiting for a friend, sat directly in front of the 3.5m x 4m artwork wall, when many nostalgia kicked in. I remembered my crossroad. Which I could say I had quite a few. I'm a thinking person. Sometimes I had many questioning thoughts at my head. Sometimes my thought calming me down or making me happy, but other times, they work the other way around. But at that artwork-starring moment, my thought empty and pictures rush in instead. Moments, time, people, stories, faith, hopes, all showed up in my mind like a movie. Painted with yellow and white, the happiest and brightest combination of color.

Crossroads; a junction where four roads meet

I like the way of universe works, the quirky way of how people's roads could cross. The odd question of how things could started, of how we met people in the beginning and now already fall far for them. Or maybe the junction was only temporary and finally people went their own way. When they can either learn or forget about each other. I'm starting to see my future crossroads will be interesting enough, painted not only in yellow and white when my friend arrive and pull me out of my trance. But it was nice, I didn't have much time with my own thoughts these days. I love pause point.

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