A Little Bit of Everything

I'm thinking about a poem. about a city that I'm living in. streets, noise, morning steps and rushing breath of other people. Would that be necessary to keep it rhymes, or in flowing paragraphs?
I'm thinking about a gigantic parameter of towers. That keeps the city and people and sun in distant with each other, but still hype up romance in such an ugly way. If Dakota Skye's life filled with nothing but lies, well, mine are about to fill up with unmade promises. With warm feeling that fading, and with silly questions that trying to interfere in between.
I'm thinking about how much thought I could have if I sit and write alone. Like, when my mind rushing with words and this medium yellow light radiate through my bedroom wall.
I'm thinking about how nice my funny faces ukulele sound when I was strumming it. Although, I always been wanting a new guitar.
I'm thinking about all of those love songs that I admire and secretly would love to have someone play for me. Not always in a romantic way.. but you know.
I'm thinking about how many people feel that their problems are one thing signified. Certainly didn't know other people's life may worse or at least, equally sucks. I remember this quote, 'stop romanticizing things that hurt' so people, I would like to tell you to 'stop romanticizing things that hurt'
I'm thinking about emptiness and how tiring to be running away from your own self.
I'm thinking about mountains and stars, though I never climb one or see one close enough, to say that I'm in love with them. People should never make a tiny mistake to settle down with someone who they thought is an open choise. A granted choise. People shouldn't say that they're in love when they haven't climbed one or see one close enough.
I'm thinking about the miles and roses that surround my streets up and bleeds dry my nerves. I'm all about this independently lonely discover a broken hearted individual. I check my watch every once in a while to see if I'm not dreaming, or to see if I was.

and I just wish that I am.