When is Cold

You sound like a music to my ear
through the green valley 
and a bluest color of fear
we tip-toe our last step out of the alley

I swear I remember fall in deep 
but not when you say you hate coffee
or reluctant to take a sip
not also when you out of the focus
completely numb like being on hocus pocus

I swear I remember stories of you
like when you being this adventurous kid
being out of city rendezvous
but always tell me everything will come back to home

You sound like a music to my ear
maybe I'm going to write a song about you
but then again you covered in sheer
you seem to,
transparent but hideous,.
at the same time.

Flock of Goats.. (Sing it with O song by Coldplay Melody)

Earlier this morning I took a bath at 8 AM because I just don't have anything else to do.. and while I was in the bathroom, I suddenly remember this: Crap! I should have work out when I didn't know what else to do in the morning.
This GIF picture of goats appear in my gallery when I was browsing and wanted to post a photo. I didn't even remember when did I made a GIF picture of this (I remember taking the picture though)
I realized that life move so fast I don't remember little details about my past.